First post and first week

So, like many others have this week, I have just done my very first week of University. University for me consists of a Honours Degree in Learning Technology and Research from the Anglia Ruskin University. Its a fairly new course with revolutionary learning methodologies. Its a distance learning course taken by a cohort of about 30 – 50 people from all over the world, from different age groups and backgrounds.

I had reservations about the course to begin with, not knowing entirely what it would entail. But after a week of getting to grips with the course content and meeting some of the people I will be working with, I have nothing but high expectations of what I can now get out of it.

I hope to continue this blog throughout the 3 year course with the good the bad and the worst I encounter.

1 week down, 155 to go!


4 Responses to First post and first week

  1. Hi Toby. The good, the bad and the worst – a great way to think about what to record in your journal.

  2. Lydia says:

    Hi Toby, great to see that you have started a blog. It’s a great way to record your learning journey and to seek feedback upon your ideas. Good luck with the course.

  3. Brian Harvey says:


    This is great it summed up all my feelings and I know the road ahead is goin to be much better.

    I have just started the three years and may revisit you for advice in the future.

    Many thanks

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