Two down.

Okay, so i know it sounds like i have a countdown timer for my graduation, but i have just submitted my final drafts of the first two weeks work. Its the first real milestone i have come up with, and im glad to have met the deadline. To be honest, i did the majority of it all in the first few days of getting the brief, but have added and altered it since then.

Another part of the degree i find interesting is the reading. My girlfriend attends Goldsmiths College in London and i have set her on her way to get me some books from the library, but until then, i have found Google Book Search incredibly useful. Not only that many books are actually there in full, but the ones that are there as registered copyrighted content can still be read almost in their entirety.

I would have gone on about this in FirstClass, but for now at least, i will leave it as a goodie for you kindly finding time to read my blog.


One Response to Two down.

  1. a tip – log in first to the ARU digital library, then use Google Scholar – the university library log in gives you access to additional material

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