Organisation Skills

One thing that i had under estimated about the very concept of Higher Education is how organised you need to be. My main problem at the moment is keeping everything in order, not only with my work, but with things in my mind. I am using a notebook to try and stay on top of this even with the use of different coloured pens! But its still a task! The ILP and Gantt charts do help with this, but its just trying to keep on top of every little idea and task.


One Response to Organisation Skills

  1. Tricia says:

    Hi Toby

    You don’t need to tell me! You should see my spare room, the bed is covered with various papers. And the time issue, it’s so hard to fit it all in. In some ways I am dreading the hand in dates, but I keep thinking once I get the first assignments finished I will be on a level playing field and able start again the same time as everyone else.

    All the best


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