Done, done and DONE!!!

November 28, 2008

Hurrah! I had the final task of compressing my work and finally uploading my final submission last night after a very long and very good Post 16 induction evening. The reaction from prospective and current students was amazing, i have never been so impressed in my life!

But anyway, 1/12th of the degree is now out of the way, and 1/6th will be on the 16th with IOCT on the way. Lets see how we do with that one!


The level above

November 22, 2008


With most things, to grasp what you are trying to do, its good to look at the level above. I have come across a fantastic resource from an affiliated University of my Academy; The University of Greenwich. The pack pictured above contains three PhD thesis’ from the field of education. Its really interesting to read through these and then compare it to my work. It gives a great perspective on referencing (were talking about two per sentence) and statical analyses.

There is supposedly an open on-line respositary of these, if and when i find it, you will find the link here.

In case I ever forget

November 22, 2008


Nothing brilliant this, just a brochure from my (eventual) teacher training provider. I somehow made it onto the main page of their brochure. I think i might print this and put it on my BALTR file, just in case i ever forget where im going with all this!

(This was taken a while ago)

IWS: Rounding it up

November 18, 2008

Not quite over the finishing line just yet, but most certainly on the home straight. My IWS module is now complete in (very) first draft form. Tweaking, word counts and citations are all now on the list to do over the next three days. Its encouraging to now think that I have 1/12 of my degree done! 🙂

Roll on the 28th!!!

Visual learning

November 15, 2008

Throughout this course, i have explored ways of representing ideas using different media. Traditionally i have used Visio 2007 on my Mac via VMWare Fusion using Windows XP. I have now come across a piece of software called XMind. It provides many of the functions of Visio, i shall look into this one and hopefully use it in some upcoming projects.

Plus, its Open-Source / FREE!!!

Bringing it all together

November 10, 2008

I am pleased to now be at a stage where i am finally bringing it all together for submission to the FirstClass community for review and also to get my stitching exercise together. I have had the opportunity to see some past work from other Cohorts and have found this very useful in putting all this modular work into perspective. We shall see what happens…


November 6, 2008

The fantastic FirstClass does a brilliant job of bringing students of the course together, but a big hands together for Plone, which i think brings everything together so nicley. Tomorrow is World Plone Day which is an event to celebrate the product, its uses and how it has impacted so many scenarios for the better. Take a look here to see what its all about.