The fantastic FirstClass does a brilliant job of bringing students of the course together, but a big hands together for Plone, which i think brings everything together so nicley. Tomorrow is World Plone Day which is an event to celebrate the product, its uses and how it has impacted so many scenarios for the better. Take a look here to see what its all about.


3 Responses to Plone

  1. sally clifford says:

    Hi Toby – As you have probably picked up I am weak on my IT skills, I feel I can ‘play’ and learn my way around most word functions etc – where I struggle is in actually understanding what things do and how they work together. Are you able to provide me with a brief description of what Plone actually is ( I hadn’t realised it wasn’t specific to APU for example) or can you send me a link to somewhere where I can find this out – I tried the link to Ploneday on your blog – but it didn’t seem to take me anywhere?

    Thanks very much

    Sally Clifford

  2. Toby says:

    Hi Sally,

    Keeping up with this whole ‘alternative media’ thing, there are some great videos available on the Plone website that give a good overview to its features and advantages, they can be found here:

    And as to your ICT skills, the fact that you were able to leave a comment on this blog with an associated Yahoo email account unfortunately invalidates your statement of ‘weak ICT skills’. No-one knows it all (might be a surprise if you have ever spoken to anyone in ICT) and can always know and learn more, and what better way than off of each other… Looks like your on the right course!

  3. sally clifford says:

    thanks toby – I think I get it and maybe some of my problem is that I expect these thing to be much more complex than they actually are!


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