Final reflections on Level 1 – Semester 1

December 15, 2008

So I’m at the finishing line again for the second module of this course and 1/6 of the overall thing. Very pleased to have made it this far, but what have I taken away from it all?

Firstly, upon reflection I can see the value of the concept behind the ‘Original Ideas’ thinking. This is when you have a task presenting a learning outcome and deliverable. Traditional, you would set about forging together a load of text based upon reading materials to answer the question. I have been encouraged to challenge this idea and present work through video, audio, diagrams, charts, visual representations, imaginary letters and the list goes on. It’s all about the individuality of presenting an idea through whatever medium you like.

The biggest thing for me was to get the citations in order. To say something is so is not good enough and most of the time this must be backed up with material that has been published and cite the original author and the year the work was published. This was all very new to me, so it was a challenge to get into this mindset. This is one of the most pronounced points I will be working to improve next semester.

And finally, being critical. I have always been told that the whole part of doing a degree is about being critical in your thinking and analysis. This is something that I feel that I have fully identified with (I hope) and I feel that this has made me a more aware and engaged individual.


Finishing off IOCT and Semester 1

December 12, 2008

And the last word has pretty much been written. All that is left on the aegenda is a bit of self moderation and polish to interject into the mix and to do the wonderful refferencing that i have been putting off untill now. Heres to the 16th at 11:59!!!

Community involvement at a new level

December 4, 2008

Now, if your also following the curricular of the BALTR course, you will know all about community participation in the aim of an output, but i have now come across something that brings this now to a new level.

What is being seen with the “YouTube Symphony Orchestra” is communal involvement on revolutionary global scale. Something that hasn’t been done before. I wont blab on, just look at the video, isn’t it fantastic? I might even rake out the violin again and see if i have still got it!