Spotify my mind

Communal, free and revolutionary, Spotify sets out to change everything. Spotify will feel rather similar to anyone using iTunes but with one vital difference. Spotify connects to Spotify servers to stream over three million track from all major record labels for free. The only catch is that you never own the music, but that is also its key aspect to the £0 price tag. Spotify is also almost all server side, so how ever many computers you sign in on (can only be signed in on at one at a time) its always the same, Windows or Mac. Because of the de-centralisation of the whole thing, collaborative playlists are also possible, endless potential and fun. You will have to sign up to register and wait for an invite, but invites can also be given out by current members, I have a few remaining, so leave me a comment if your feeling lucky!


9 Responses to Spotify my mind

  1. straw000 says:

    Hello!! I see you have a tech blog too and it’s doing pretty good!! : ) I just made a new tech blog that is updated several times a day with tech tips and reviews and I hope you can comment or add this blog to your blogroll!! Comment back if you add me to your blogroll so that I can add you too!! Please visit my blog link below!! Thanks a lot!! 😀

  2. sally clifford says:

    Toby – this looks great, I would love an invite if you still have one to spare.



  3. tricia says:

    Hi Toby

    Thanks for the information, but I’ll pass on this!

    I’ve just been onto First Class and see that you passed your first module, so congratulations. I know you are a little disappointed you didn’t get the marks you were working towards, but I am told we should expect to get better as we progress through the degree. Mind you I can’t say that really reassures me as I feel I am now under pressure to keep up my level of performance. It will be good to get the second set of marks just so that I can see how consistent I have been.

    So did you have a good break. I dipped into First Class a couple of times when I got home after the new Year and found that there were only one or two goodwill messages, so everyone was clearly having a break! No doubt we shall shortly meet again there.

    All the best


  4. […] all music in its database (around 2-3 million) for free, streaming and instant. See my previous post to see the […]

  5. patrik says:

    i like too get att invite please ? 🙂

  6. Anders says:

    i would like an invite please?:)

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