BA/BSc what’s the difference?

A question i have always tried to put my finger on. Traditionally you would think that scientific subjects are BSc’s (Bachelor of Science) and everything else would be a BA (Bachelor of Arts,) but this is not the case. I have seen an array of courses ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous with BA/BSc seemingly picked at random as a classification, but i think i have now hit the nail on the head. To put it simply its BA = qualitative data and BSc = quantitate data. These are the different types of data used by the different courses, so a dissertation (3rd year project) for a BSc course would include statistics, maths and results from a study to do with numbers whereas a disertation for a BA would have conclusions based on responses and assumptions that could not be classified as 20%, 0.05, 4:1 and so on.

Have i hit the nail on the head? Anyone think different? Answers on a postcard in the comments.

p.s. couldn’t find a more appropriate picture, so there!


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