‘The Purpose of Reflective Practice’

May 27, 2009

Now being used by the Universal College of Learning in New Zealand for an undergraduate course on Nursing, this is one of my assignments from the Reflection in the Work Setting module.

Thought I would share as I have not posted this here as yet.


Semester 2, Year/Level 1 reflections

May 10, 2009

Okay, so its all over now for Level one, and i await my results with baited breath, but how do i think it all went? I had done a SWOT analysis for one of my modules in the stitching, but this was mainly focussed the action inquiry. Below is a SWOT analysis that i have done for Level 1 as a whole:


Maybe i should have included this in my appendix??? Oh well, onwards and upwards!

One down, two to go…

May 7, 2009

So thats it, my first year of University study complete. It has been a real journey for me and i hope that my marks from the second semester of this year are okay. Now going to give myself a break for a week or two on the academic front, but we will see.