What is a ‘learning organisation’?

So, this is a question I have been striving to answer for about a week now. Reading Trawling through many academic texts was just grinding my gears and was getting me nowhere. Speaking with Prof Stephen Heppell at BETT 2010, he told me that modern learners were using YouTube as their primary search engine. I took this advice today and started going through just a few of the top results for: learning organisations. This brought up this video that clarified many things for me. It is a primary source as it is uploaded by the author, so can it be referenced in academic texts? That is the real question.


5 Responses to What is a ‘learning organisation’?

  1. yourjoyismylow says:

    I like YouTube as a resource. As a collaborative approach, different PYP teachers over the world have used it to collate videos about the PYP attitudes.
    I wish I had used these technologies more during the degree.
    How are you getting on?

    • Toby says:

      Yeah, getting on great. Really enjoying the course as it is so applicable to my work. This is something most students can never say. How are the little Cherubs in Italy? Pila isn’t it?

  2. yourjoyismylow says:

    Pisa is great! I loved the degree for the same reason. I have learned so much, and it has taken me so far!

  3. Ian says:

    Great video Toby, its about time Google started up scholartube any further thoughts on whether you can reference this as an academic source?

    Leaning in Pisa is only one letter away from learning its a great place.

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