For many University students, this is life.

May 14, 2010

That is all.


Exhibiting research, learning and change.

May 12, 2010

So, hot off the heels of uploading the last parts of Year 2, my thoughts now go towards Year 3 and my major project. From what I have seen of others that have gone before me and the resources available for Year 3 activities, it all looks geared towards exhibiting my findings. Since starting the course, I have tried to embrace and utilise alternative media as much as possible i.e. not your standard University essay, but a video, poem, poster and so on. I am a bit of an Internet fanatic so I am naturally looking to present my work on-line in some way. This academic year I got to flex my creative muscles by working with a colleague to create a departmental website, so I plan to take what has been learnt from that experience and gear it towards exhibiting my third year work. The disadvantage to publishing on-line is that it does come at a (small) cost… but! There is a YouTube video that presents a way of hosting a website for free:

So, I am now live at where I hope it will play a centric role to my third and final years studies and research.

Year 2 DONE!!!

May 12, 2010

So it has been 597 days since the first semester started, the first assignments were set and the adventure began. Since then I have identified with UK Higher education, the good and also the bad. I first started with trepidation of the thought of studying at Higher Educational level, but I see now that it was a step worth taking. In a years time I should be submitting my dissertation, the most important document I will have created to date. The adventure for this Academic year is over, but the final chapter and hopefully the best, is still yet to come.

Almost there

May 4, 2010



So, the end of the second year is almost in sight. I am now at the stage where I am going through my completed assignments and refining them. I thought it might be an idea to run the whole modules through I have done this before and it has yeilded some interesting results. Above are both my Technology in the work setting and Learning in the work setting modules as wordles!