Anglia Ruskin’s Credit Control is bad.

All my experience with Anglia Ruskin University has been great thus far, fantastic tutors and an exceptionally organised student union. This perception changed today when I received an OUTSTANDING BALANCE request for an amount I had already paid. There were no ‘Apologies if this amount has already been paid in the last few days’ like mostly every other notice letter on earth. And then the best part:

Payment must be made immediately to avoid your details being forwarded to the Vice Chancellors Office for disciplinary action, leading to expulsion.

I mean, can you imagine??? I am an young professional, not some naughty school boy with a bad reputation! All this and it comes from an employee that does not possess the basic literacy skills required to properly format an email address.

The most irritating part of this is the time-line:

14th May – Invoice received

9th June – First overdue notice

12th June – Outstanding balance paid in full

15th June – Further reminder

Now this wouldn’t have been so bad had I known the payment was coming, but I was expecting it at the beginning of the year like mostly every other University in the country and since then had bought a house. Also note here that I had asked about payment at the beginning of the year and was told to ‘wait for an invoice in the post’ and 193 days later, it arrived.

Bad form Anglia Ruskin, bad form indeed.


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