Level 3 initial thoughts

Nearly there.

So, the last and final year of my undergraduate degree. Woah that went fast! It only seems like yesterday that I was undertaking my on-line induction to the course. But enough of the reminiscence, onwards and upwards!

I have been looking forward to this Semester all summer as the topics covered are of particular interest to me. First off there is Technology for Dissemination, this is looking at ways for information to be presented, to who and for what purpose… or as far as my understanding at this point can deliver. I am swaying towards web technologies for this section as I have built tobyadams.tk over the summer, a project to firstly get myself a home on the web, but secondly to get to grips with technology that allows the presentation of virtually any information in virtually any format on the web.

The second major chunk is the Work Based Major Project which looks directly at practice and incorporates previous study of reflection, action enquiry, examination of organisational learning and all manner of other methodologies, techniques and models. I am initially thinking of something along the lines of bringing personal practice in line with QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) standards. I do this as this is pivotal to my role and will put me in good stead for my eventual teacher training.

Whether or not any of this will come through as the weeks go on is uncertain, but I start this Semester ladies and Gentlemen with high hopes and high anticipation of the studies ahead. Lets go!


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