Reflections and targets from last years feedback

Reflection in a soap bubble.

Reflections being carried forward...

To get my third year off to a flying start, a short exercise of reflection on last year to create some targets seems like a good place to start.

Semester 1

Reflection in the work setting 2

  • Do not use visual enhancement unless it adds value to existing information
  • Demonstrate understanding and application
  • Use clear examples to demonstrate information – DO NOT OVER COMPLICATE!!!
  • Further develop understanding of Governing Variables
  • Systematic approach to the unpacking of ideas, supported by direct referencing of literature
  • To quote:

There are some good examples of critical engagement with theory, however; the depth of understanding that was evidenced needs to be strengthened. Increasing the amount and range of reading and taking a critical stance in your learning journal and community discussions will help develop your skills in this area.

Action Inquiry

  • Attention to Harvard Referencing detail – special attention to referencing within the text
  • Be critical rather than descriptive
  • Focus on key elements of action inquiry
  • Detail, detail, detail

Semester 2

Learning in the work setting

  • Ensure all sentence are well structured
  • Explicit discussion rather than implication needed when talking in detail about important points such as ethics
  • Precise expression of ideas
  • To quote:

Technology – consider genres, as well as media, seeking to develop further an academic approach that may also provide models for pupils or staff.

Technology in the work setting

  • Demonstrate wider reading of relavent literature
  • Concise writing sometimes detracts from the ability to demonstrate that an idea has been fully unpacked

So all in all not to bad at all, some things here to work on and take forward with me this year.


2 Responses to Reflections and targets from last years feedback

  1. Julian says:

    Get yourself sorted out with refworks this term Toby. It is a godsend. Once more my references were accepted without comment.

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