Trial dissemination method

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  1. Ian says:

    Looking good so far Toby this is a good draft and it is great to see it being trialed on your blog. You raise some important issues, and clearly are aware of core ethical considerations. Your idea to contrast different (did you say non-relevant? 1.23 secs in) feedback sources is interesting, however; I wonder how you will identify where feedback comes from reliably and what filters you will apply to retrospectively categorize your feedback sources without introducing bias issues. The analysis of the feedback is at a very busy and critical point in the course, you will need to ensure you are not distracted unduly by by having to decide which feedback is suitable to use after it is collected. What does the literature on data collection say about ensuring the quality of primary data like this? Although your audio is mostly very clear there are a couple of points at which I can not be sure what you are saying around 42 seconds in “…these ? techniques…”. This illustrates why we ask for a text transcript of audio or video elements in your final portfolio so assessors can ensure they are interpreting the words correctly.

  2. samuelsbay says:

    Hi Toby

    looking great so far. i think that you are a natural for this medium although I think it has greater impact when you use it as a reflective tool. The scripted delivery will always be noticeable unless you learn it and practice it from memory until the cows need milking. Is it possible to eliminate the mouse click from the audio – very minor niggle I know. Hope to catch up with you soon.

  3. Joanne Kenny says:

    Hi Toby,
    I think that this is great, you obviously find this type of disemination second nature, you seem very comfortable with the delivery. Will post further comments in FirstClass.

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