SWOT analysis

I write this post as a bit of an ‘off-topic’ exercise driven by demand. The analytics system of this site shows me how people get here and what they typed into their search enging to find it. For about the past six months I have noticed there has been a recurring theme of people looking for information on SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.

Stats from this site

To please the masses I thought I would post a few bits about SWOT analysis to satisfy reader demand 😉

I have not used SWOT analysis for a while within my studies, but it is something I have indeed found value in. You can see SWOT analysis used across the business, education, healthcare and nursing spectrum and that should show you just how valuable it can be. It’s basic principle is that it is a model for thinking about an objective. It guides thinking to consider the Strengths and Weaknesses of an aim or idea coupled with Opportunities and Threats posed to the aim or idea by the environment.

To link this idea to my own context, below is an extract from an earlier assignment of mine that used SWOT analysis to think about my ideas fot the module.

This allowed me to access the SWOT of a past module and was essentially used as a reflection exercise.

So there you go, a few brief bits on SWOT, nothing in great detail, I know, but with any luck it will prove to be at least some use to someone.


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