Starting action inquiry

So the inevitable final push is here. For me, this push is in the form of an Action Inquiry, focussed around the development of behaviour management. Preparation has been made for this to start this coming Monday where the first action will be to implement the ‘4 point plan’ developed by Bill Rogers.

Bill Rogers (2007)

This plan will be used in a series of lessons and observations will be made by colleagues to determine just how effective the use of the model has been within the lesson. I hope to initiate discussions with colleagues regarding the observations to help inform subsequent cycles of the inquiry, leading to a better utilisation of behaviour management in my classroom.

The aim is to complete three cycles over three weeks, I feel that this is enough time as collation of data and analysis will occur over the latter part of the week and the weekend and not let the process become too long winded. I also feel that conducting the inquiry over a three week period allows for a greater incident for reflection afterwards as if the inquiry were to be longer, it may not be as simple to look at the proceedings overall. Life has its ways of throwing curve balls and I am hoping that there shall be few of these over the three week period.


3 Responses to Starting action inquiry

  1. Let’s see – the action is to implement Roger’s plan – is that right? I’m curious what this means in practice. Are you using Simple Direction as a first step in managing behaviour, then following through as needed with each step in turn?

    • Toby says:

      Yes, action it within a lesson and observe its effect on overall classroom management. The stages work downwards, so first a simple direction “Stop doing that… thank you” then “I have asked you once, again, stop doing that… thank you” if the behavioural issue re-occurs, then “You either stop doing it, or [[what ever the consequence is, appropriate to the situation]]]” and if the behaviour occurs a fourth time, the student is instructed to exit the class. That is the theory, await the practice writeup in the FC conference!

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