Trotting along

February 24, 2011

Woah, almost let February slip by without posting here!

So where am I now? I have successfully (I think) completed my Action Inquiry for my Work Based Major Project and I am now going through my Dissemination schedule. Not quite as it was planned exactly, but expect to see the on-line stage of that dissemination on here soon.

There are a whole 68 days to go and although that seems a fair way off, past experiences have shown that it creeps round fast! Left to do is basically write the whole thing up in a way that makes sense and demonstrates that all important graduate skill. There is a¬†supplementary¬†module going on at the moment named ‘Impact Review and Career Progression’ This offers a great opportunity to look at the next steps after graduation, and although I am sitting pretty with a permanent contract, it never hurts to think of other possibilities and of course the next steps…