Work Based Major Project – Dissemination

Below you will find a YouTube video containing my dissemination proceedings for the on-line event.

Once you have viewed the video, if you would please:

All three would be fantastic and greatly appreciated, but please leave what feedback you can 🙂


4 Responses to Work Based Major Project – Dissemination

  1. Diana Turner says:

    I liked your presentation and there was much that was good in it! It sounds like you learnt a lot about your research and that it has made an improvement in your work. It is good to see that you can see how to take it forward too.

  2. Michael Marsh says:

    hi toby. great presentation. i wish i had time to do something like this.

    i think that it might have been a bit too long but that might just be me being un0focussed at the end of a long day. i will try and give more detailed feedback on the form.

  3. Rob Bush says:

    Looking good!

  4. William Boyce says:

    Good stuff Toby! Looks like you worked hard on this, more in the survey.

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