Two week dash

Not quite the Easter holidays as my School has strange yearly timetables, but it is still two weeks off none the less. Two weeks I have with nothing socially significant planned where I basically aim to finish off the majority of the semester. The extended possibility is to have it all finished, in draft form at least, by the end of the two weeks. More realistically, however, is to have the Work Based Major Project 90% complete and Impact Review and Career Progression almost there too.

That is the aspirational target however, other members of the cohort have commented that about 40% of the work gets done in the last two weeks of the semester, we shall see just how true that turns out to be this time!


4 Responses to Two week dash

  1. Julian says:

    Oh to only have 40% to go. That sounds like heaven. Head down and sprint for the line. :0) Good luck mon ami.

  2. Shirley says:

    Interesting to have confirmation that 40% of the assessment products are done in the last 2 weeks. Perhaps it would help future students to require drafts to be handed in every fortnight, which is typical of other courses. This approach might take away from the freedom to pursue studies according to a personal timetable, but the benefit of arriving at week 10 with 5 key tasks drafted looks good at this stage of the semester. What do you think?

    • Toby says:

      Perhaps at level 2&3 for students having difficulties. I know of students (Not on the course or at Anglia) that do about 40% on the night before submission – I have seen it.

      The two weekly draft thing might be a massive strain on many, I know that I would have struggled with that at times.

  3. […] 90% complete and the supplementary module is almost there too. I was very pleased how the ‘two week dash‘ went with objectives set out for myself at the beginning and seeing them met at the end […]

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