One year on

A year has passed since I completed my Degree and gained QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). I often come back to this blog and look back through the posts fondly, and reflect on what a delightful whirlwind the whole experience was. This year, I have just been a teacher completing the NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) program. I use the word ‘just’ as I do feel that it is quite a step down from the pressures and progress made last year. None the less, teaching is not easy, and when thrust into the absolute thick of it with no other distractions, it is rather daunting! Anyway, all is well and I continuously reflect back to last year and think I will always see it as being one of my life’s greatest achievements.


7 Responses to One year on

  1. Julian says:

    Congrats Toby. I am sure you have done a lot in that year. I share your feelings of pride in our achievements and look forward to more of the same in the future. To replicate Cohort 9 in the real world will be tricky however we have the tools and the skills to achieve anything we want. Keep blogging, if you have the time, as the reflection process never ends and it is good to re-visit our past endeavours.

    Well done you and I hope to be in a similar position soon. :0)

    • Toby says:

      Hi Julian, I blog rather regularly over at but it is not all that reflective. I also keep my life in order and blog occasionally at

      Great to hear from you and I hope you are still looking forward to your GTP in september!

      Cohort 9 was amazing, I learnt so much from everyone involved and still use what I learnt on a daily basis today.

      • Julian says:

        Glad to hear it re: online note taking. Your links in your reply were missing but I am sure I can track you down. Mwahahahaa! I am considering either a separate blog or additional pages on my wordpress account so that I can note my culinary exploits as well as the building of my outdoor wood oven.

        Just noticed your visitor count (8,026). That’s amazing! What are they looking at? Is there a pattern? Data analysis please…. I suspect it is a lot of your work on reflection that you posted.

  2. Shirley says:

    It is good to see both of you around and I’m glad the degree experience still inspires you. Teaching is very demanding but also entertaining and thought-provoking. As with any job, it suits some better than others – I enjoyed it. Cohort 9 was special, but it is the people that make a great team, so you will almost always find you are in good teams.

  3. papel entero says:

    papel entero…

    […]One year on « Toby's BA[…]…

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