April 24, 2011

My dissertation will be submitted 48 hours later, apologies for the inconvenience!

Grrrrr! If only.


SWOT analysis

January 6, 2011

I write this post as a bit of an ‘off-topic’ exercise driven by demand. The analytics system of this site shows me how people get here and what they typed into their search enging to find it. For about the past six months I have noticed there has been a recurring theme of people looking for information on SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.

Stats from this site

To please the masses I thought I would post a few bits about SWOT analysis to satisfy reader demand 😉

I have not used SWOT analysis for a while within my studies, but it is something I have indeed found value in. You can see SWOT analysis used across the business, education, healthcare and nursing spectrum and that should show you just how valuable it can be. It’s basic principle is that it is a model for thinking about an objective. It guides thinking to consider the Strengths and Weaknesses of an aim or idea coupled with Opportunities and Threats posed to the aim or idea by the environment.

To link this idea to my own context, below is an extract from an earlier assignment of mine that used SWOT analysis to think about my ideas fot the module.

This allowed me to access the SWOT of a past module and was essentially used as a reflection exercise.

So there you go, a few brief bits on SWOT, nothing in great detail, I know, but with any luck it will prove to be at least some use to someone.

Anglia Ruskin’s Credit Control is bad.

June 17, 2010

All my experience with Anglia Ruskin University has been great thus far, fantastic tutors and an exceptionally organised student union. This perception changed today when I received an OUTSTANDING BALANCE request for an amount I had already paid. There were no ‘Apologies if this amount has already been paid in the last few days’ like mostly every other notice letter on earth. And then the best part:

Payment must be made immediately to avoid your details being forwarded to the Vice Chancellors Office for disciplinary action, leading to expulsion.

I mean, can you imagine??? I am an young professional, not some naughty school boy with a bad reputation! All this and it comes from an employee that does not possess the basic literacy skills required to properly format an email address.

The most irritating part of this is the time-line:

14th May – Invoice received

9th June – First overdue notice

12th June – Outstanding balance paid in full

15th June – Further reminder

Now this wouldn’t have been so bad had I known the payment was coming, but I was expecting it at the beginning of the year like mostly every other University in the country and since then had bought a house. Also note here that I had asked about payment at the beginning of the year and was told to ‘wait for an invoice in the post’ and 193 days later, it arrived.

Bad form Anglia Ruskin, bad form indeed.

For many University students, this is life.

May 14, 2010

That is all.

An introduction to Reflective Practice through Google

April 21, 2010

For anyone starting out, looking at Reflective Practice is a tricky topic to get your head around. Below is a video I made with Google Search Stories to illustrate my journey through:

This is a retrospective journey, mind. I by no way consider myself an expert on the subject of Reflective Practice, but my assignment on the subject is quite popular on YouTube 🙂

Students reflection

March 29, 2010

To save copying and pasting here, please do take a look at my post over at my departmental blog on using reflection as an activity in secondary schools, comments appreciated 🙂

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BETT 2010

January 17, 2010

This year I was lucky enough to exhibit at the BETT (British Educational Training and Technology) Show. BETT is an annual trade show in the United Kingdom that showcases the use of information technology in education. Founded in 1985, it has expanded to fill both the National and Grand Halls at the Olympia exhibition centre in London, England. BETT celebrated its 25th anniversary at the 2009 show.

This year I took two students to podcast the event for one of my academies wholesale partners; The aim was to bring students to the show and report from it using technology to transfer their findings. The themes were:


International Day

Interviews with technology providers that produce language software and hardware to facilitate language learning in a 21st century style.

Future Learning Spaces

Looking at how classrooms have evolved and where they are going in the future with regards to how technology is driving engagement in the classroom.


SEN (Special Educational Needs)

Interviews with visitors from around the world on how technology facilitates inclusion of SEN students in the modern curriculum.

Playful Learning

An exclusive interview with Professor Stephen Heppell discussing how ‘playful learning’ is the next big thing in education and how technology drives engagement in a ‘playful’ environment.


BETT 2010 Award Winners

Interviews with a select number of 2010 winners of various awards to see how the title affects their businesses.

Misco Stand

An afternoon spent at the stand interviewing exhibitors about the technology on show and showcasing its application in the education sector.

This event helped the students understand the power of technology in education, interview skills, podcast planning, podcast production, teamwork and of course bartering for freebies!

The tables turned for a brief hour or two on Thursday afternoon, when both Kathryn and Marcus were interviewed by Hexus about the impact podcasting was having on their learning and how it was being used commercially at the BETT show.

The event was enjoyed by all involved and this is clear by the quality of materials produced. A repository of the coverage can be found at where the final collection can be viewed.

We thank for the opportunity and look forward to even more exciting events in the future!