3. Identify a major area of discipline-based learning and demonstrate expertise within it, including evaluation of aspets of scholarship

Below shows GLO 3 linking to my Work Based Major Project on Behaviour management and how it is relavent to a workplace discipline. The project will go on to allow me to evaluate the skill against what is learnt from literature.

‘An action enquiry into developing behaviour management skills’

The focus of this research will be practitioner centric with the aim of developing behaviour management skills in the classroom through inquiry based professional development / learning. There is a need for this learning and development of skill as, upon ongoing professional reflection, this is an area of my own practice that I feel requires some focus. This is also directed towards my standards for QTS (Qualified Teacher Status):

Literature from Youssef (2004), Colin and Laslett (2002) and McNiff and Whitehead (2002) was gathered on Behaviour Management and Action inquiry to inform actions of the Inquiry.

Literature review extract from the WBMP

This literature was used to inform research questions that lead the actions within the Action Inquiry, they were:

  • How can I more effectively manage the behaviour of students in my classroom?
  • How can I strengthen my current behaviour management weaknesses?
  • How can I utilise existing behavioural management strategies in my classroom?

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