5. Work with confidence both independently and as a member or leader of a group or team

The above video demonstrates that I am able to take an objective and apply alternative methods of presentation to it to fit an assessment criteria.

Thanks for the feedback. I had wondered about the wordcount. I am not sure how this will pan out to be honest. I cant see how all nine can be covered sufficiently with just over 100 words each…

Perhaps the format of:

GLO Title

Extract example

50 – 100 word description. Concise and to the point.

Above is an extract form the on-line community that demonstrates how a resolution was reached from a dialogue between peers, with my own suggestions leading to a common agreement from the on-line community.

Further evidence for working independently is gathered from the module resources that suggest no framework for how work is to be submitted, but show an outcome for the work and a word count suggestion. The creation of patches from independent learning and study shows the ability to work independently.

Extract from the Project Evaluation section of the WBMP, presented through a slide sequence with narrations inspired by Reynolds (2009)

influenced by reading of Reynolds (2009, p.94-117) who has been referenced many times in the on-line communities, but I had not yet used his presentation techniques. Reynolds makes suggestions about bold slides and attention to detail, all of which have been applied with my own personal design preferences to this video capture of a presentation.


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