Models, cycles and all sorts

February 28, 2009

Looking over many a research article and journal, it is becoming clear to me that the best way that i can actually demonstrate ideas is through the use of models. Below is my depiction of how i believe artefacts play a part in the process of reflective practice. What i was also trying to demonstrate was that artefacts can be captured during or after the critical incident.


Next up is the way i have concluded an artefact would then fit within Schön’s model of reflective practice.


And lastly, my ‘brain dump’ of how i can see the Action Enquiry module panning out with my model of its place in reflective practice



Whether these are correct or not is another thing, but this is just me putting my own learning style into my work.



February 12, 2009

roa2Okay, so here are some reflections from a reflective task on reflective cycles… thank science that it is nearly half term, MY BRAIN!!! Anyway, lets try and approach this post with some form of educational direction. Upon consuming sizeable amounts of materials on reflective practice and reflective models, one thing has been coming up constantly, and that’s the concept of RIA and ROA. Both stand for Reflection In Action and Reflection On Action respectively. What these mean is where we look to perform reflection and where it takes place in the cycle of a practice.

I feel that to achieve true reflective practice, you should try to incorporate both. Why and how? Coming up next is a my assignment submission on reflective practice, stay tuned…

Semester 2

February 2, 2009

So Christmas is now merely a distant memory and work is now firmly back on the agenda. I’m now moving swiftly on with Semester two of my first year of University and first up its Reflection in the Work Setting. This module follows on logically from the IWS (Investigating the Work Setting) where the work setting was analysed and evaluated from many different perspectives. This module feels much more lucid than the last with less initial information which opens up the door for some more innovation and furthers the idea of a ‘curriculum free’ course. So, on with the reflection and Action Inquiry to follow soon.

I hope to post later on in the week with more ideas about RWS.