Moving onto Semester 2

January 27, 2009

Maybe not the best graphic for the title, but what else could i use to objectify my new found heightened expectations of myself. I came onto this course not having studied at higher educational level before and I always knew i could do it. My feedback from Semester 1 has only confirmed that.

I really cant now wait for Semester two as i now know what to expect and i feel preety in the swing of things with some incredibly usefull feedback to use from Semester 1. Not to mention the continued invaluable community C9 that are all on this journey with me.


Application application application

January 25, 2009

All the things i have learnt over the past few months have really helped me enrich my work and add value to my teachings. After a brief stint of research with Greenwich University about diversifying teaching large groups through a possible ICT infrastructure, i have now started to build a relationship with Wiley publishers.

Me and my Academy have used Wiley for many years and following a meeting i had with one of the people in charge of development of future media, i am now working on a project with them, testing how we can get the concepts from a book and traditional media and make it applicable in the classroom.

I look forward to seeing how this one develops and how the BALTR can contribute to it and vice versa!

Spotify my mind

January 11, 2009

Communal, free and revolutionary, Spotify sets out to change everything. Spotify will feel rather similar to anyone using iTunes but with one vital difference. Spotify connects to Spotify servers to stream over three million track from all major record labels for free. The only catch is that you never own the music, but that is also its key aspect to the £0 price tag. Spotify is also almost all server side, so how ever many computers you sign in on (can only be signed in on at one at a time) its always the same, Windows or Mac. Because of the de-centralisation of the whole thing, collaborative playlists are also possible, endless potential and fun. You will have to sign up to register and wait for an invite, but invites can also be given out by current members, I have a few remaining, so leave me a comment if your feeling lucky!