Looking back at Semester 1, looking forward to Level 3

January 25, 2010

So it’s now past the half way point, but the end is not quite in sight. So what has been learnt? What is left to learn? I will address the first question first. Ian Tindal kindly produced general pointers of what was felt about the work submitted at Level 2, Semester 1 and below are some of the highlights:

  • There was a good use of technology and the approach was well executed.
  • There is still a need to combine similar documents into a single file, this helps to keep a constant narrative in the text.
  • Clear expression in assessment materials is something that needs to avoid ambiguity, vagueness and focus on specifics.
  • Ensure that correct learning outcomes are addressed, It can help to discuss the outcomes (or your perceptions) of them in the community to make sure you are in line with other members of the cohort.
  • Use literature to reinforce your own opinion.
  • Criticise literature to construct your own ideas but make sure you justify your own opinion.
  • Technology is important at Level 3, it should enhance your ideas.
  • Be autonomous; don’t wait to be told something.
  • Be meticulous over referencing, follow ARU rules to the wire.
  • Construct a good narrative in your assessment product, like a story. A beginning, middle and end, avoid fragmentation.
  • Answer every question you ask in the text.
  • Look at the threshold of English. A third person voice is required at Level 3, look at developing this now.

I have to agree with the above points and think that a few are relative to me. I hope the above will be seen by Level 1 students as it is always good to look at what is in store.

Looking forward now to this semester and Level 3 and can see that things are going to get a bit more difficult but a positive mental attitude is always needed and don’t forget the sense of humor. Points of personal development are:

  1. Clearer expression
  2. Wider use of literature for reinforcement
  3. More consistent in narrative
  4. Develop towards a Level 3 threshold of English

I think it is important to be specific and realistic with targets, so unless I find time to save the world as well, I’ll stick to the above as a matter of priority I think.


BETT 2010

January 17, 2010

This year I was lucky enough to exhibit at the BETT (British Educational Training and Technology) Show. BETT is an annual trade show in the United Kingdom that showcases the use of information technology in education. Founded in 1985, it has expanded to fill both the National and Grand Halls at the Olympia exhibition centre in London, England. BETT celebrated its 25th anniversary at the 2009 show.

This year I took two students to podcast the event for one of my academies wholesale partners; Misco.co.uk The aim was to bring students to the show and report from it using technology to transfer their findings. The themes were:


International Day

Interviews with technology providers that produce language software and hardware to facilitate language learning in a 21st century style.

Future Learning Spaces

Looking at how classrooms have evolved and where they are going in the future with regards to how technology is driving engagement in the classroom.


SEN (Special Educational Needs)

Interviews with visitors from around the world on how technology facilitates inclusion of SEN students in the modern curriculum.

Playful Learning

An exclusive interview with Professor Stephen Heppell discussing how ‘playful learning’ is the next big thing in education and how technology drives engagement in a ‘playful’ environment.


BETT 2010 Award Winners

Interviews with a select number of 2010 winners of various awards to see how the title affects their businesses.

Misco Stand

An afternoon spent at the Misco.co.uk stand interviewing exhibitors about the technology on show and showcasing its application in the education sector.

This event helped the students understand the power of technology in education, interview skills, podcast planning, podcast production, teamwork and of course bartering for freebies!

The tables turned for a brief hour or two on Thursday afternoon, when both Kathryn and Marcus were interviewed by Hexus about the impact podcasting was having on their learning and how it was being used commercially at the BETT show.

The event was enjoyed by all involved and this is clear by the quality of materials produced. A repository of the coverage can be found at http://web.me.com/umisco where the final collection can be viewed.

We thank Misco.co.uk for the opportunity and look forward to even more exciting events in the future!