The void

May 16, 2011
The missing piece ūüėČ

It’s almost a week since it all came to the most anti-climatic of conclusions, and I find myself with time in the evenings, something I have not known in some time. It is so nice to be able to pull up on the drive, open the front door and know that that is the end of the working day. I do, however, wonder how long this will last…



May 10, 2011

I shall be sporting this very soon indeed!

So here I am, three years from the crisis that was my dilemma about higher education and I am now at the end of a very successful degree course of study. I have submitted over 70,000 words (or equivalent with alternative medias) and very likley to graduate with Upper second-class Honours this Autumn.

It has been one of the best journeys of my life and I have probably learnt more about myself and my own capabilities than the course content itself. That is not to say I have not learnt much, its just the personal gains have been so great, I feel that I could conquer the world! It may be about 30 working days until I get my marks back, but I remain confident Рone such attribute I have developed in this course.

From here, it is onwards to a career in teaching, knowing full well that I have the transferable skills needed to do anything I set my mind to.

P.S, My gift to those still on the course and fellow students joining me in crossing the finishing line, a spreadsheet programmed to work out your final grade, given the weighting of the modules and so on: Mark Calculator (This spreadsheet has nothing to do with Anglia Ruskin University, I made it myself and I cannot guarantee its accuracy. Use as a guide only)

Impact study

May 2, 2011

An impact study of my Work Based Major Project.