Working life in photos

October 29, 2008

So like i finished this about a month ago, but am just trying out a new feature of embedding vimeo videos into wordpress. You may not have seen this video before as i did not post it directly on FirstClass. The description is held on the main page of the video page on vimeo and is also in HD if you go to the site!



Organisation Skills

October 22, 2008

One thing that i had under estimated about the very concept of Higher Education is how organised you need to be. My main problem at the moment is keeping everything in order, not only with my work, but with things in my mind. I am using a notebook to try and stay on top of this even with the use of different coloured pens! But its still a task! The ILP and Gantt charts do help with this, but its just trying to keep on top of every little idea and task.

A well earned break

October 20, 2008

The glory and satisfaction of a two week holiday is something that i have looked forward to for weeks and now its here! I have a whole 14 days where coursework deadlines, detentions, assemblies and form groups do not exist. A well earned break i think. I’m looking forward to these two weeks so that i can get around to doing some reading from my reading list. I have just finished reading “The Learning Revolution” and all i can say is that its a fantastic read, some great pointers in there that should spur on anyone to challenge the existing methodologies of education.

Hope to do some more blogging too over my break, as i can feel it becoming a bit addictive.


October 16, 2008

I have been a mac user for about 5 years casually and have been using a Mac as my main system for about 4 months. I have always preferred them, but never taken the full leap. For some of my IOCT module i have had to use Windows (through VMWare) and it has really made me realise. If i had to go back to windows as my sole computing experience, i think i would have to throw myself under a train!

I think the pic below sums it up fairly accuratley;

If anyone is on the fence with this one, BUY MAC!!! you wont regret it. They have just refreshed their MacBook and MacBook Pro lines, beautiful machines!

What system do you use?

Added value again!

October 13, 2008

Have just delivered a Y12 lesson on diversifying the AS/A2 pathway. Nay on everything i have learnt from my course has been applied to the lesson from project management, to learning style analysis and the then on application of that information to their individual subjects. They have also learnt the value of keeping a portfolio of their work whether it is a requirement of the course or not and how that is usefull after the course has come to a close in later life.

Open Source

October 7, 2008

When doing any work these days, there is invariably a heavy use of software. Software is expensive, cumbersome and difficult to use / learn in many instances. In an attempt to lessen these negatives, i would suggest a trip over to to see how the open source community can help you.


Simply type in a piece of software you are going to buy, or even one you already own, and see what the open source (free) alternatives are. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Reaping already.

October 4, 2008

So, not only am i doing a qualification that will allow me to climb to the top of my profession, that i am finding truly interesting and engaging and also receiving financial backing for from my organisation, but now am a member of the NUS card scheme.

Okay, so maybe that was a little over the top, but i have seen others see the beneยฃits of having one of these little beauties before and now its my turn!

Also a big thankyou ro the Angia Ruskin SU for being so very helpfull and sending it to me special delivery on a Saturday! Kudos…