iPad experiment

March 26, 2011


Like the fanboy that I am, last night I queued for just over 2 hours to pick up a shiny new iPad 2, 32 GB, Wi-Fi model. I had never owned an iPad before and the feature bumps and quicker processor in the second incarnation of the device managed to persuade me to part with my cash.

So why am I putting this rather un-interesting news on a degree blog? Well, many people are calling the iPad a post-pc device, inferring that the device is like the next version of the personal computer to be used by the masses. Being an ICT teacher by trade, I obviously am wanting to get in on the action and see the devices application in the workplace / classroom. What I am proposing to do is to spend as much time on the iPad as I can and detach from my laptop. Is this possible with the current feature set and notable limitations of the device? That’s what I want to find out. Are the limitations of the device actually a new framework for using a device like this? These are all things I want to look into.

Now, I might be absolutely mad doing this now at the stage where there is only about a month to go until the work based major project is handed in, but that fits in nicely with the experiment, can I finish my work based major project on an iPad? That will be something to tell the grandkids…

The experiment has already begun, I am writing this post on the aforementioned device and I have already noticed how quickly I can type and also just how few mistakes I make on this keyboard!

So here we go, into the unknown, but the very exciting!


Supervisory meeting

March 24, 2011

I am now at the stage of refining and expanding my Work Based Major Project (dissertation) in line with exactly what is required. This process has been heavily facilitated by a supervisory meeting with my project supervisor. This was a 7:30am start over Skype that got a few key points down. The key things raised were that of both Research and Evidence themes throughout the project. These were two key points that came up most, allowing me to understand the underpinning premises of the project and what the aim really is.

Another key phrase that came up was “Not that the dog is walking on its hind legs, its how well its doing it.” This means basically that its not just the fact thaqt you are doing something good, its that you are doing something good that is fit for purpose.

And so the journey continues…

Work Based Major Project – Dissemination

March 1, 2011

Below you will find a YouTube video containing my dissemination proceedings for the on-line event.

Once you have viewed the video, if you would please:

All three would be fantastic and greatly appreciated, but please leave what feedback you can 🙂