Millwood’s Visuals

In one of my LO’s, I shamelessly used Richard Millwoods graphic from his blog as an image for the title page as it was a great shot of an AI planning session and looked very pleasing to the eye (well mine anyway). This was a LO looking at Action Inquiry from a research perspective.

action_inquiryA latter LO is now the workplace application. I have since become fond of this image and had the brain child of transposing it into my work setting. Below is the result. Its a little more imitation than transposition, but it is in my workplace all the same. My colleagues thought it was my world domination plan and were reluctant to remove it before lessons began. A great way to start the day at 7:27 in the morning!!!



One Response to Millwood’s Visuals

  1. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – thanks for not only using the graphic, but drawing it afresh!

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